MatrixMind provides managed Kubernetes environment to RiskCo

MatrixMind provides a managed container environment based on Kubernetes to InAdmin RiskCo, one of the leading pension administrators in the Netherlands. The platform enables RiskCo to efficiently and securely implement, manage and scale its applications.

One of the core applications of InAdmin RiskCo was developed using Docker containers consisting of a web interface, API server and a MariaDB database supported by a container-based Alfresco document management solution. MatrixMind engineers are helping set up the most optimal container architecture and structure to work as Cloud Natively as possible.

Management monitoring of such an environment requires continuous optimization and testing. MatrixMind is implementing a Rancher-based solution for this, with which it will provide deployment, management and monitoring of the Kubernetes environment for the customer. The Kubernetes environment is run on the already delivered hybrid multi-cloud solution.

With the help of MatrixMind, InAdmin RiskCo also has the possibility to connect its CI/CD + Register (Jenkins + Artifactory) to the Kubernetes environment in order to automate the implementation and deployment of software components and perform security testing for containers part of its CI/CD process. 

About InAdmin RiskCo

InAdmin RiskCo brings together players in the pension sector via its Advanced Open Administration platform. More than 120 employees manage the pensions of 26 occupational pension funds and private pension institutions on a daily basis for more than 300,000 participants.

About MatrixMind

MatrixMind is a specialist in hybrid cloud solutions and helps organizations make the transition to the cloud – at their own pace. Step by step, these organizations gain confidence in the cloud, just as they have confidence in their own environment. MatrixMind has therefore developed the Modern Virtual DataCenter, which is supplied from the Equinix data center in Amsterdam. With a strong focus on security, portability and scalability, this solution unlocks every conceivable cloud provider, avoiding customer lock-ins.  It is also possible to leave the cloud again and exit scenarios are guaranteed.