Let the cloud work for you, but keep your freedom. Eight benefits in a row.

Implementation speed

Standardized, ready-to-deploy hybrid Cloud foundation (data center, connectivity, security and compute / storage).

Hybrid scalability

Proven building blocks, enterprise architecture, tooling and automation guarantee extreme scalability.

Military-grade security

Multi-layering approach, autoscaling and OTAP support guarantee a BIV 333 security classification.

Full transparency

Networking and security traffic are transparent, including all associated MatrixMind actions. We have nothing to hide.

Continuous innovation

Features, improvements and best practices, emerging in new processes, can be rolled out to all customers without adjusting their own hybrid Cloud foundation.

Multicloud access (Azure, AWS, Google...)

By placing our platform in an Equinix data center (and therefore strategically close to the public Cloud), all Cloud providers (500+) can be accessed for you with low latency.

No contractual lock-in

The MatrixMind MVDC has 3 levels, where you can easily enter the first variant without a long-term contractual obligation.

No technical lock-in

IAAS workloads move between Cloud providers, from on-prem to the Cloud, an exit from the Cloud and even say goodbye to us.

Case study

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